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The Brave New World of e-Marketing

Everyone in marketing understands the concept of trends – trying to stay on top of them, and most of all trying to anticipate them.  Not too many years ago, the hot trend in marketing positions was ethnic / diversity / multi-cultural marketing. That disciplinary area is still important, not only in terms of the number of positions available but also its overall impact on the profession.  And it continues to experience growth.

However, the new hot area for marketing career development is e-Marketing.  This is also frequently referenced as on-line marketing, Internet Marketing, or eCommerce.  Once considered a subset of Direct Response Marketing, e-Marketing is assuming a life of its own. The growth in this area allows for a wide range of differing talents and job preferences. These include:

  • Classical marketing roles such as strategic marketing, project management and client acquisition;
  • More technical roles such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), database management, technical web design, and web analytics;
  • Creative roles such as graphic arts and visual web design (the Internet version of packaging and “visual merchandising”); and
  • Advancing trend roles such as the use and integration of “social marketing” (MySpace, FaceBook, blogging, etc.), mobile marketing and the Internet, and exploring the use of video and podcasting on websites.

Why focus on this here and now?  There are a couple of reasons.


First, for candidates who are reshaping their career track, or contemplating doing so in the future, the world of eCommerce and electronic retailing is a growth area for you to consider. If you have the opportunity to build expertise and resume content in the eCommerce side of Integrated Marketing and/or Direct Response Marketing — or as a current Product/Brand/Marketing Manager or Director — it can be valuable to your long term career growth and stability. And, if you already have experience focused in the disciplines of Internet Marketing / On-Line Marketing, it is a point of leverage in advancing your career.


This is a dramatic change.  At one time, career moves into internet marketing (much as with B2B marketing) may have resulted in marketing professionals becoming “stuck” in that area with little room for promotion.  Now, however, the exponential growth in e-Business makes it relatively easy to believe that this may become one of those core areas of experience critical for advancing into higher level marketing and general management positions in a company.


Second, the technology and methodology of e-Marketing is already beginning to change the recruiting industry itself.  The use of blogs by recruiters is expanding as a way of communicating useful information and advice to both candidates and clients.  However, it is also a form of “social marketing” on the internet designed to reach new active candidates, establish relevant visibility to clients, and connect with other marketing professionals who are not yet actively involved in a job search. 



Podcasting is also being used in a more limited way as both a training tool and a social marketing medium.  Video is being explored as an additional means of training, for video resumes, and for on-line video interviews.  And at Marketing Talent Network (www.MarketingTalentNetwork.com), we are providing instant alerts of new marketing and e-marketing jobs and updates via mobile phones, PDAs and instant messaging.


So whether you are a marketing professional exploring new directions and options in their career track, or whether you are someone in the midst of a job search and you are noticing some new developments in recruiting – welcome to the brave new world of e-marketing.




May 11, 2008 - Posted by | Careers in Marketing, Marketing Job Market

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