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The FAB Five Rules of Interviewing

Perhaps one of the most frequent questions as far as interviewing is ” How can I interview more effectively and get the job?”  Often, the answer to that question is several pages long, but sometimes shorter is better. So here is an abbreviated version of the “Fabulous Five” Rules of Interviewing – and a brief explanation of each. 
  • Listen Carefully – No, the number one rule isn’t something that you should say. It is listening. And the most basic form of this is not listening because you are so intent on the next thing you want to say that you don’t hear precisely what is being said to you. One of the most common complaints from interviewers is that the candidate they were interviewing wasn’t even really answering the questions being asked. If you listen carefully, the person interviewing you will tell you almost everything you need to know to get the job.
  • As much as possible, keep answers brief and focus on your accomplishments:  This is a balancing act. You want your answers to be complete – but the interviewer doesn’t want one individual answer to go on forever and eat up valuable interview time. Most important, focus on your accomplishments – not what you did, but how well you did it, and the positive impact your decisions and actions had on your previous employers.
  • Never Ever Dwell on Negatives:  Speaking of brevity, this is the place to really follow that rule. While you can’t dodge an uncomfortable question, you must not dwell on it either. Anticipate questions that might point to limitations in your background, and practice a short answer to effectively answer each of those questions.
  • Have some Well Thought Out Questions of Your Own:  What are their goals for the company? What do they see as the most important things for the person in this position to accomplish in their first six months? What is the single trait that is most important for someone who works for you?  These are just three examples. Consider ahead of time the questions you want to ask – questions that will not only give you information, but questions where the answers may help you emphasize your experience and skills.
  • Show Enthusiasm, Passion and Interest during the entire Interview:  and if we have to explain what we mean by this, well then, never-mind.

These are the five basic rules. Oh sure, there are others – like never ordering spaghetti for a lunch interview. But these are the basic guidelines that should be the foundation for the rest of your interview preparation.



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