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NOT Being Creative with Job Titles

One resume that we recently reviewed was from an extremely talented individual. who completely left off her job titles in her positions with her current employer.  We noticed it immediately.  So would others.  Which immediately raised the question, “Why?”

She had a good reason.  Her title was long and unusual and didn’t really accurately describe her position.  The problem is that, for many who would see this resume, the decision to do this would immediately raise some red flags.  And in many instances, she might not even have the opportunity to explain why.

The other type of “creativity” that we sometimes encounter with titles are people that are convinced their title simply isn’t accurate.  “Well, I don’t actually have the title of Brand Manager, but that really is what my job is.”  Or, “My title just doesn’t make sense to others in the industry.”  Or, some similar explanation.  The difficulty is that, to most companies, this is just plain lying.  In addition to your resume, you will probably be required to fill out an application with this information.  Plus any reference checking done by the company will almost always seek to confirm titles.  In most cases, this seemingly (to you) small reinterpretation of the facts (lie) will cause you to lose this job.

The solution is really quite simple.  Always always provide the correct title — on the resume and on the application.  If you believe that the correct title is misleading, you can then do one of two things.  First, you can simply put what you believe to be the more accurate title in parentheses behind it.  In addition, you might also provide a brief statement of explanation in the body of the resume, or in the cover letter that accompanies it.

But using a title different than the one you actually had with a company could make this the shortest job in your career.  Don’t take the chance.



June 6, 2008 - Posted by | Tips - Resumes and Cover Letters, Uncategorized

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