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Interview Tip: Tell Them Something They DON’T Know.

Let’s begin this discussion with a fairly simple observation:  everyone who will interview you for a job will almost certainly have already read your resume.  If you want to stand out . . . if you want to make an impression . . . then tell them something that they don’t already know.  Tell them something that they didn’t read in your resume.

This can come in several forms. 

  • Providing additional details regarding how effectively you did your job — such as getting projects completed ahead of time or your skills in mentoring other employees in the company.
  • Relating stronger details on the kind of positive impact that you made in your company — such as quantifiable increases in revenue or market share or margin/profit.
  • Telling stories which build on the less visual statements of fact written down in your resume — such as stories about effective problem solving in a situation or your creative approach to the promotion of a product that had been declining in market share.

All of these techniques can help you in two ways.  First, telling them something they don’t know by simply reading the resume helps you to maintain and build their interest during the interview.  In effect, you are placing this question in their mind — “What other positive things do we not know about this candidate?”.  Second, by taking the information in your resume and applying it to the specific job to be done with this company, you are answering that question in a way that tells them why you are especially qualified for this position.

So, do what you would do with any product.  Build interest and build value.  Tell them something they don’t know.




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