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Future Topics

This is a roll call of future articles planned for the m-Pact blog, in no particular order.  If you have other ideas or special requests, please let us know.

Of course, we realize that a number of you who visit us here are either in the midst of a job search, or are contemplating that next move in your career.  So, we’ll begin with a partial list of articles planned especially for you:

  • Creating Impact in Your Resume
  • Using the STAR technique in your interview
  • Effective cover notes for emailed resumes
  • Keys for success in the panel interview
  • Using your interview agenda effectively
  • Should I customize resumes?
  • The humble, but important, telephone interview
  • Job seeking tips for the new business graduate
  • Using power words in your resume
  • Handling the skeletons in your professional closet
  • Things You Tell Recruiters that we don’t Believe
  • Effective planning for the interview
  • Handling references in the hiring process
  • How to resign without burning bridges
  • Why you should never ever accept a counter-offer
  • Working effectively with your recruiter

However, m-Pact is not a blog just for people who are in a job search.  Many of the people visiting are in hiring positions.  They will include clients and prospective clients – hiring managers and talent aquisition professionals.  And we want to make certain that we include you in our content.  Here are just a few of the article we have planned especially for clients:

  • Selecting the right number of recruiters
  • Your recruiter’s presence on the internet
  • Making references work for you
  • What to expect from your recruiter’s candidate presentations
  • Contingency search versus retained search
  • Information to provide to your recruiter with the search assignment
  • The importance of feedback after the interview

We will also periodically review books, especially marketing and/or career management oriented books, for our readers.  Plus other recommendations that you, our loyal readers, may give us for additional content.

That’s a lot to look forward to.  Hey, what am I doing here.  I better get down to some serious writing.



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